Saturday, September 15, 2012

Star Wars: Tormentor Class Imperial Battlecruiser Update XI

I'm still working on the hangar bay. Still lots to do there but the main structures are blocked out, now on to some of the smaller details. I'm not going to go crazy though, not likely to have views much closer than this anyway.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Star Wars: Tormentor Class Imperial Battlecruiser Update X

I was taking a break from greebles and decided to have a look at the interior of the ventral hangar bay and started thinking about where I could stick some AT AT pens and such. So I wanted to make a simple box mockup of the correct dimensions and as luck would have it, this is another one of those things where there is debate and disagreement and discord. So I went to the Technical Commentaries for guidance and settled on the size of a walker being 26 meters long, 22.6 meters high and 7.9 meters wide. I know there are some blueprints out there that give a height of about 15 meters but I think Saxton made a good point about that adjusting all of the dimensions to the point that a man would not be able to stand in the cockpit as Veers and a trooper are clearly doing, unless they were considerably shorter than we know them to be. I any case, I got distracted by the AT AT dimensions enough to want to make a still simple but more complex than a box mock up. Once I was done with that I plopped it into the Tormentor's bay and you guessed it, that bay was way too shallow to have walkers, well, walking about. So I'm splitting up the bay so the forward portion with hold fighters and the after portion will be the location of the walker pens. The large bay doors are going to be split up too so I can just open portions of the bay to outside if I want to. Here's some unimpressive pics of the new arrangement. No really... there's really not much to look at right now...